Post Verse-Band of the Week

The Nightlife Company Blake Higginbotham 124 views

Get your Walkman and grungy flannel look ready because local rock band Post Verse is taking us back to the good old days of the 90s.

Post Verse is made of Bryce Hotz on guitar and vocals, Jeff Burgher on guitar, Jeremy Stanosheck on drums and Joe Mickeliunas on bass and vocals. The band formed in August 2013 when the mutual friends decided to put together a project. This isn’t the first rodeo for any of the members. They have taken their experience and culminated it into this four-piece indie rock outfit.

Post Verse has a fuzzy, noisy, yet ambient sound tone. Fans of alternative and indie rock will appreciate the various effects and tones of the gritty guitars, while the smooth, soothing vocals bring the music back down to earth. Everyone provides a unique flavor that meshes together to generate a rounded and full sound.

“We like to keep it fuzzy, but poppy,” Mickeliunas said. “We’re still influenced by the stuff we listened to in high school.”

Although Post Verse is fairly new to the scene, they’ve played a handful of shows. A few of their favorite venues are The Slowdown, O’Leaver’s and Almost Music, a Benson record/book store that throws shows sporadically. They will be playing Reverb Lounge in Benson for the first time this weekend with Swampwalk and The Sun-Less Trio. 

The band has released a four-track cassette tape in their short time together, as well as the track “Sirens” on their bandcamp page. Yes, that’s right, a cassette! I can hear everyone scrambling for a way to play it now. Go clean out your garage, attic or wherever that thing found it’s eternal resting place. 

Reflecting on the soft verse/heavy chorus that made 90’s grunge a staple, Post Verse combines several rock elements into a uniformed sound that takes me back. Think Nirvana and Death Cab for Cutie rolled into one. Now that’s an impressive musical baby. 

Hotz’s basement is the ER where this musical baby takes birth. Post Verse records their music in Hotz’s basement, a luxury that allows for them to demo at every practice. Hotz traveled to France with legendary singer-songwriter and record producer Steve Albini, making for an experience that has aided Hotz and the rest of the band in the realm of recording.

“Recording demos during practice has allowed us to be more critical, and that’s made us a better band,” Mickeliunas said. “If someone has a good riff or cool bass progression, we can play around with melodies on guitar and pick out the parts we like.”

Mickeliunas has been playing music for nearly 20 years, and one thing he specifically enjoys about this project is his artistic freedom.

“I’ve been in some bands where I didn’t take as much of an active part in the song-writing process like I do in this one,” Mickeliunas said. “I like to challenge myself, and my favorite band is always the one I’m currently playing in.”

The band hopes to continue playing and writing as often as possible as they prepare to record a full-length album in the summer. Hopefully they’ll release a CD so that damned cassette player can go back to the dungeon.

Check out their bandcamp page and be sure to make it out to Reverb Lounge this weekend for a great night of rock! The show is Friday, April 10 from 9 to 12 at The Reverb Lounge on 61st and Military streets. It’s OK if you don’t shower for this one.  Bring your greasy self down!