The Shins at Stir Cove | May 20th

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Saturday night was the season opener for Stir Cove 2017. The weather was not exactly great for a mid-May outdoor concert, but fans certainly did not shy away. The evening started with Tennis, an Indie-Pop band from Denver, Co. The band formed in 2010 with a husband and wife at the helm. It was a beautiful way to get things started. The charming voice of Alaina Moore drifted off the stage and made us all forget about the misty rain. They mentioned how touring with the Shins was a dream come true and every day was the best day of their lives. They weren’t lying. You could see how much they truly enjoyed playing their music for people. Cheers to them for living their dream!

The Shins came out with a bang at 9:15. The rain had cleared up by then and I’m not sure if it got warmer, or if the crowd was just getting cozier with each other. The high energy music got everyone dancing and there was a smile on every person’s face. The Shins have been around for over 20 years now. That, alone, is hard to believe! They formed in Albuquerque, NM in 1996, originally as a duo led by James Mercer. The band was on tour with Modest Mouse when they got their first record deal and lives were turned upside town. Their popularity grew throughout the years and though the band did experience some turmoil, Mercer has come through and seems to be stronger and more creative than ever.

Stir Cove never disappoints. The staff was so excited to get the season started and were very accommodating given the circumstances of the weather. Beer lines were short last night, I’m sure because it was chillier than expected. Gloves or koozies can easily fix that problem. Stir even had blankets for sale for $5! You’d better believe we picked one up! Even the price of domestics went down this year, which was a pleasant surprise!

My husband and I have this tradition of having dinner at the Backstage Grill inside of the casino. They have a special menu on concert nights. The food always satisfies and lays a good base for beers! Last night we had the best service. They got us in and out in perfect timing for the show to start. The decor is also super cool, covered in autographs of artists who have performed at Stir. I highly recommend it!

This is going to be another amazing year for Stir Cove! It’s their Lucky 14th year! I’m so anxious to see more talent this year and am more and more excited with every show announcement! Get your tickets and get down to Stir Cove this year, let’s party!

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