Total Package Tour Review

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"Total Package Tour" featuring New Kids On The Block & Boyz II Men Show Review

Review courtesy of: Paul Dodson Jr.  Photos courtesy of: Geraldography  Venue: CenturyLink Center Omaha  Date: June 11th, 2017

New kids on the block were the headliners of the "total package tour" & there intro was great coming in. Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Johnathan and Danny came from underneath the stage.

They came out with the a 2017 single called "One more night" that was pretty good. But the crowd erupted when NKITB performed "My favorite girl". You could see all the women turning back time and turning into their inner 13 year old self screaming for their favorite boy band. Any time Danny spoke the ladies went absolutely crazy.

I enjoyed the songs and appreciated all the props and special effects they had to make up the lack of dance skills. My favorite part of the show was when Donnie gets carried into the crowd and the whole concert is now with the fans in the lower section. If you went to the total package tour in Omaha,NE even though you missed out on Paula Abdul, you still got your money's worth.

The Total package tour at the Centurylink Center was a flame when the 90s sensation Boyz II Men started the show off with a bang. As the beat dropped for their 1991 debut single "MotownPhilly" the crowd was on their feet going crazy. It was truly amazing to see as a person in their 20s because we were in a packed theater, at a boys II men concert and I just felt as if I was in my parents shoes back in the day. All age groups enjoyed the show, but the crowd was mostly women in their early 40s. I noticed that when they performed their 1994 number one single "on bended knee" .

One thing I appreciate it about every song boys to men perform that they were always having the crowd involved in some type of way. When they performed "I'll make love to you" the energy in the room was at its highest. Literally everybody was singing. They followed up with the great songs like a song for Mama and fall down from heaven, which made me miss my mom tremendously at the time. And that's how you know they have real soulful music that the world needs back. I feel like their part of the show could of been longer because Paula Abdul didn't show due to injury, but overall they did a fantastic job. I can't wait for them to come back to Omaha.