We Believe In Make Believe

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Make Believe Studios made a big splash in a little pond and now they’re stoked for the tidal wave to come from the big ocean of their new studio. 

A lack of space and accommodations forced producer and head-engineer Rick Carson, 25, to consider moving his studio to a more opportune location. 

Make Believe Studios re-located from downtown to 20th Street and Leavenworth Street to begin creating a custom studio.

            The new location was re-birthed from a once Wells Fargo data center, which became a personal home and is now Make Believe Studios.  This new location offers a more modern feel and new opportunities for musicians and producers.

            Make Believe Studios strives to give each artist the chance to write, record and produce entirely in-house to deliver a product derived from complete creative freedom.  Maintaining the integrity of their clients’ creative process is a main goal of this studio.  For booking inquiries, contact the team at booking@makebelievestudio.com or call 402-972-6387. 

Carson is more than ready to see his new building come to fruition. “We’re really excited for the studio to get finished and for other engineers to come use it, get their hands dirty and see what we’re all about.  We believe this will be the first true freelance studio in the area,” Carson said. 

The building will include a main room for tracking and mixing (Studio A), two production suites and an updated vocal booth.  Studio A was designed by Westlake Audio and features the highest quality of equipment, including Nebraska’s only large format Solid State Logic recording console. 

Renovations have been ongoing since 2014.  The finishing touches on the live room and vocal booth are underway, leaving the framing of the back production room the next hurdle Carson undertakes.

There are many steps to creating a studio from an existing structure.  Carson has accomplished the knocking down of a central wall to allow for more space, replacing insulation, sound-proofing, electrical installations, painting, etc.

Along with recording new albums and mixing for current clients, Carson also works on mixes with songwriters in Los Angeles. Carson expects this to be another busy and productive year.  To start off 2015, Make Believe was chosen to be a part of the Miloco Studio Family. 

Miloco, the UK’s largest recording studio group, bases their business model on forming partnerships with studio owners and producers of all different sectors within the industry.  This gives clients a list of options as far as what studio might best fit their needs. 

Carson said bands will often choose a studio while on tour just to have a place to get away.  He believes his building will soon become a destination studio.

“Miloco recommends certain studios based on what bands need, and we have a lot of everything here, so hopefully we have what they need,” Carson said.

Several popular artists have used Miloco Studios, including Coldplay, Adele, U2 and Bjork.  Although based in London, Miloco establishes studio contacts in America.  Make Believe is the fifth American studio selected to be part of the group.

Carson, from Clarkson, Michigan, dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and moved to Florida. He took a placement exam to become enrolled at Orlando’s Full Sail University, arguably the nation’s most prestigious recording and audio engineering program.  “It was really crazy to go from knowing everyone in Michigan to going to a big city like Orlando,” Carson said.

Carson became the youngest student to graduate from Full Sail’s program. At age 18, he received his associate’s degree, and then finished the requirements for his bachelor’s degree just before his 19th birthday.

When asked what his most memorable experience from college was, Carson said, “The coolest thing I got to do was hang out with George Clinton.  It was awesome.”  Notable alumni to come out of Full Sail University include Gary Rizzo, Sebastian Krys, Phil Tan, Darren Lynn Bousman, and JD Harmeyer.  Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Dave Arneson also taught at the school from 2000 to 2008. 

Several local artists have used Make Believe Studios including Sam Martin, Conchance, Black Jonny Quest, Lightning Bug, and Snake Island!  National artists have been known to make an appearance at the studio as well, with visits from Tech N9ne, The Spill Canvas and AWOLNATION. 

            Carson arrived in Omaha in 2010 after graduating with a dream to put Omaha on the musical map – and the city currently ranks fifth amongst the nation’s best cities for local music. 

                Check out https://soundcloud.com/makebelieverecordings to hear some of their work and https://www.facebook.com/MakeBelieveCo for more information.