Z92 Rocks the Cove | June 2

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 486 views

My favorite thing about Stir Cove is that every year the concert series includes genres that appeal to each and every music lover.  Friday night was no exception as heavy metal favorites graced the stage.

I will not claim to be a heavy metal connoisseur like so many other Z-92 listeners, but I can tell you that the crowd was thrilled and totally blown away by the likes of Sebastian Bach, Queensryche and Vince Neil.  It was a loud and deeply bass and screaming guitar experience that the near capacity crowd prized.

Shame on me – I couldn’t tell you the name of one song played during the multi-hour event, but here is what I can tell you….

The lower bowl was mobbed with attendees raising their fists, bobbing their heads and singing along proudly.  The upper bowl was mobbed with the ‘senior’ head bangers – who enjoyed the music just as much, but were content to stay in their seats.  (Perhaps they spent one too many years swinging their long locks up and down!)

By the time Vince Neil made his appearance, the crowd in the lower bowl had doubled in size and he was met with a serious ovation. 

There were similarities in each performance.  The guitar shrieks loudly, the voices shriek louder and the drummer seems to be the hardest working musician on the stage.  Each act works the audience masterfully with their off-color repertoire and the frenetic on-stage presentation.

Frankly, I was deeply impressed with each band and the fact that after nearly 30 years, they still can reach the hearts and souls of their everlasting fan base.  It was a pretty darn great night at Stir.

Check out the Stir Cove website to find out what the rest of the season has in store. It will blow you away.  The staff is amazing, the facility is one of the Midwest’s finest and now that it is an all-age venue, you can share your music with anyone!

Check out some photos here: http://nightlifeco.com/omaha/gallery/z92-rocks-w-vince-neilqueesnrychesebastian-bach