Earth Wind and Fire and Diana Ross at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • July 2019


The weekend was full of icons at Stir Cove! We all braved the heat as we headed down to the river Friday night for some Earth Wind and Fire. Once again, we had no opening act, but in a sense it was a blessing to not have to be outside any longer than we wanted to be. The band came out blazing! I’m not sure they were aware of the weather given their choice in costumes, but they didn’t let it stop them! Thank goodness the sun went down shortly after their set began. There was a slight breeze which made a little more bearable. The crowd showed up nonetheless! I’m sure we may have seen a little more dancing had the temp not been so high. The guys on stage sure had some choreography for us though! Everyone had their moves down pat and they just looked like they were having so much fun! A lot of times these days, the music you see live is half electronic. It was so refreshing to see actual instruments being played and all different kinds to boot! We certainly stayed hydrated and it seems as though the warmer it gets, the shorter the beverage lines are. It’s so great that Stir opens up free water refills on nights like these. It was a great time, but we made sure not to spend all our energy as we geared up for Saturday!


Saturday night brought the one and only Miss Diana Ross. What a beauty! She came out in this gorgeous gold sparkly princess dress. The kind you see on any 74 year old! And this was the dance party I thought we’d have seen the night before. We had a bit of a cold front come in and it felt good. Walking into the cove, there was not a still body in sight. Everyone was smiling, singing, and moving. As Diana put it, the body wants to move. Truer words have never been spoken. The audience was packed with folks in their 50’s and 60’s, some maybe even older. What was great was seeing the younger people speckled in there enjoying the music just as much as the older, original fans. She even invited a couple lucky guests on stage to dance with her.  The wardrobe changes were fantastic. This woman is the epitome of a Diva. She’s still got the pipes, the attitude, and the essence. Such a privilege to have seen her!


Stir Cove is knocking it out of the park this year! We’ll keep the party going next weekend with another SOLD OUT show, Bush and Live! Can’t wait! Thanks to Stir Cove, staff, and security for your continued efforts even through this heat wave! Cheers!


Jason Mraz at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • July 2019


Things are really starting to heat up at Stir Cove! Sunday night was a perfect night for a concert. The Cove seemed to be almost at capacity with a mostly Gen Y crowd ready and so excited for the highlight of the night, Mr. A-Z himself.


We did not have an opening act, which was perfectly fine with me. Jason Mraz came out right on time with smooth set that was seamless from beginning to end. It was very personal and intimate compared to shows he’s put on in the past that have featured strings and horns. It was simple and it was beautiful. The man is so open and honest with his music. And he’s got opinions that he’s not afraid to share. This is a show I had really been looking forward to this season and I’m so thrilled to have gotten the chance to see it all. Another privilege was getting to hang out with his band. I mean...not literally, but it felt as if they were playing exclusively for me. The guitarist was an actual doctor which is incredible to see her playing music because she wanted to. And then of course, Mraz’s musical soulmate, the infamous, Toca Rivera. Rivera is an understated, overly talented percussionist and the fact that these guys met when Mraz was playing at a coffee shop is the epitome of fate. 


This night was flawless. The music, the pleasant crowd, the short beer lines, I’ll say it again; pure perfection. We’re really on a roll here and have quite a weekend coming up with Earth, Wind, and Fire on Friday night and the one and only Diana Ross on Saturday. I love being a fixture at Stir this year! As always, thanks to Stir Cove, staff, and security. Cheers! 


Chris Young at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • July 2019


Saturday night at Stir Cove was a hot one! But I often find that I forget about the weather when I’m having such a good time. Chris Young graced the stage right on time and the crowd was more than ready for him. As always, the country shows are one big party. Long beer lines and lots of conversation. Stir Cove was also gracious enough to allow patrons to bring in an empty water bottle to refill with free water. More than necessary on a night like this. 


Young was the 2006 winner of the reality singing competition series Nashville Star. Every album he has produced since has delivered hit songs. He even became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2017, which is one of the highest achievements in country music. Hard to believe it all began when a couple of his buddies convinced him to audition for the show. 


It was a very special night for all, but there are two people in particular who certainly will remember this night forever. A gentleman up front decided to make this the night he proposed to his lady friend while the band played Who I am With You. Young even halted his set to congratulate the couple (she said YES!) and had the camera zoom in on her left hand so we could all check out the ring. They then played an impromptu cover of Allison Krauss’ When You Say Nothing At All. Simply beautiful. The night ended with an encore of Aw Naw, a crowd favorite. 


Ya done it again, Stir! A great time was had by all and we’re chomping at the bit for Wednesday night! Thanks again to Stir Cove, Staff, and Security! Cheers! 


Goo Goo Dolls and Train at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • June 2019


Magic was in the air on Tuesday at Stir Cove as we welcomed back The Goo Goo Dolls and Train. The Cove was at max capacity with this sold out show and it’s no wonder why. The Goo Goo Dolls began their set just a few minutes earlier than expected. My guess is they were playing it safe without knowing what the weather was going to do. But they came out fast and they came out strong. Every song you knew and had a blast singing along. Those infamous locks of lead singer Johnny Rzeznik only struggled slightly in the humidity. But not a worry in the world as they played hit after hit. I felt bad for those who spent almost their entire set in a beer line, but the great thing about Stir is no matter where you are, you can still enjoy the hell out of the show. The Goo Goo Dolls are never disappointing and I sincerely hope they never stop coming to our little corner of the world.


And then Train. What. A. Performance. I didn’t realize I was going to know every single song. They got me dancing and singing and forgetting that it was a Tuesday. Which was a blessing, and a curse come Wednesday. But I hold no regrets! Everyone was on their feet and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Patrick Monahan’s voice is so clear and sounds exactly like it does on the radio and albums. That’s a talent that is not all that common and utterly impressive when you get to witness it. As he introduced the band, we got to meet guitarist Luis Maldanado and his bassist brother, Hector who coincidentally call Lincoln, NE their hometown. Luis laid down a pretty killer guitar solo which made us all proud. So many cool moments during this stagecraft. The Tom Petty cover was heartwarming. My favorite part of the evening, however, was Monahan tossing out band shirts to the crowd. Really showing appreciation to the fans was incredible to see. Then he signed the shirt he was wearing and proceeded to have the rest of the band sign it before he launched it out to a lucky fan. Just a very touching thing to observe.


This was the most perfect night at the Cove and probably one of my favorites so far this season. I’m so thrilled to have spent the evening with my best friend of 20+ years as we laughed and reminisced about when these bands were first coming out. The rest of the crowd showed just as much love and admiration. Thank you once again to Stir Cove, staff, and security for allowing me to have these wonderful evenings in my favorite time of year! Until Saturday...Cheers!


Coheed and Cambria at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • June 2019


It was a beautiful night for a rock show at Stir Concert Cove. Plenty of warmth to welcome the Unheavenly Skye Tour featuring Mastodon and Coheed and Cambria with Every Time I Die kicking things off. The crowd started a little small but grew as the night went on with the head liner’s taking the stage.


Every time I Die kicked things off with a high energy set that drew fans towards the stage. No strangers to the metro area you could easily tell they had plenty of fans in the crowd singing along. They made damn sure the crowd was hyped up for the bands that were to follow.


This tour marks the 10th anniversary of the album Crack the Skye for Mastodon and they played it in its entirety. The set was nothing short of amazing. Albeit I will admit that I am a huge fan of the band and this was actually the first chance I had been able to see them live. Seeing the shear talent and song writing that I have been a fan of for so long played out right in front of me was outstanding and I will not miss a chance to see them again.


Coheed and Cambria took the stage after the sun had gone down to heavy anticipation from the crowd. You could tell that there were a lot of fans in the crowd by the reaction and enthusiasm to the songs being belted out. I last saw Coheed in 2007 and they definitely have not lost a step. Their sound has grown over the years and turned them into one of the most entertaining bands I have seen.


All the bands were extremely tight and put on a show I will not soon forget. I am very happy I had the foresight to take the next day off work because the night got away from me with all the bands taking me away to a better place. Thanks to Stir and all the staff for another great night at the Cove. Looking forward to the next one.


A Day to Remember at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • June 2019

Stir Cove knows how to bring a long week to a proper end. A Day to Remember gave us a night we won’t soon forget on Friday. Now, I usually know when I’m heading into the cove at the very least, the genre for the evening’s entertainment. This one, however, was a group I hadn’t heard of and didn’t really know what to expect. Walking in, I immediately put it together. The young concert goers, the tattoos and piercings, and a lot of black clothing. Got it, it’s about to get real loud in here.


The band literally came out with a bang. And a sweet smoke show. I was so pleasantly surprised with the theatrics they offered. I’ve certainly been to my fair share of hardrock shows having spent a lot of my youth at the Ranch Bowl, Sokol, and Sokol Underground. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen a circle pit. Lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon, encouraged the audience to crowd surf the crowd surfers. Apparently that’s where you have someone attempting to surf on top of the crowd surfer. Thank goodness for the security folks at the front of the stage. The band even expressed their gratitude for them. Through all the flying shoes, we were able to catch glimpses of the young boy who was invited on stage. What a riot! The kid knew the words to the song and threw those horns up with pride. So. Cool.


We didn’t have to know the music. It was just a fun, kickass show. Depending on who you ask, sometimes these hardcore concerts can kind of have a negative stigma surrounding them. But I can’t express enough how much the opposite it usually is. The crowd was filled with polite, responsible people. And I honestly think that the clean up had to have been much easier than most other nights. I saw people picking the empty bottles they found on the ground. That made me smile.


It was not a full house, but I’m so glad I got to be there. It really took me back! Thanks to Stir Cove, staff, and security. This was just another great presentation in a season that refuses to stop. Cheers!