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Farnam House Brewing Company specializes in well-traveled styles from the premiere beer-producing regions of Europe, including Belgium, France and Germany. While we started with takes on Saison, and continue to produce variations on this legendary style, there are plenty of other specialties we'll bring to your glass. In summer, you might find our take on a cherry Kriek, or an all-smoked wheat bear called Grätzer. Around fall, we'll serve the legendary Märzen. Omaha experiences some frigid winter weather, and that's when we'll increase the gravity and add some spice, with beers like our Spiced Tripel. And we'd be remiss if we didn't join the time-honored tradition of serving Bock in the Spring.

In addition to the seasonal styles, our brewers love to experiment with some of the more out-there methods in brewing, including sours, Brettanomyces and mixed styles. Always expect a rotating sour and Brett tap at the bar when production is fully under way. As homebrewers, the brewmasters always had a soft spot for cider; we'll likely be bringing that experience to the brewery as well, with yearly spontaneously-fermented ciders crushed from native Nebraska apples.


A great brewpub cannot rely on great beer alone. Farnam House Brewing Company's kitchen is led by executive chef Jeff Collins, bringing locally grown and from-scratch creations to your table. Everything we can make ourselves, we do, which leads to a much richer dining experience than your average bar fare. Make sure to check out the "faux"-lafel taco, or come in Saturdays to see what special burger we've crafted.

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