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Hookah 402 is a family owned business. Our names are Marco and Stephan Serrano and we love hookah. We believe it has the power to bring people together, facilitate discussions and foster community. We fashioned Hookah 402 with this ethos in mind, a lounge that was laid back and welcoming. In many respects, Hookah 402 is our first major step in our personal dream of locally owned, community focused business. We are obsessed with aiding our peers and overcoming the inertia of daily life. We sat on the dream of owning and operating a hookah lounge for a year before we built up enough courage to pull the trigger. We value learning by doing and experimentation. We hope to disseminate our experiences and encourage our community to pursue their passions. With hookah, we strive for the perfect session. We provide the most respected brands on the market and bake our shisha with 100% vegetable and coconut coals to extract the full flavor profile in every bowl. We understand that flavor lines and brands have varying degrees of dryness, requiring different amounts of heat to produce the optimum amount of smoke and flavor. Our staff is trained to balance the intensity of the coals to avoid any harshness. We offer Al Fakher, New Layalina, and Golden Layalina brands, the finest shisha produced out of the United Arab Emirates, and we are introducing America’s eminent brand, Tangiers made from 100% American unwashed tobacco. Our array of 55 flavors range from mild, sweet fruits for any level of smoker to enjoy through complex and potent floral and strong fruit mixes in the Tangiers lines that we only recommend for the experienced smoker. If you want to go above and beyond your normal hookah buzz, we offer select offerings from Tangiers F-Line, the only shisha spliced with caffeine for the strongest hookah experience. Founders, Marco Serrano Stephan Serrano


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