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LIV Lounge

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Your Cocktail Experience.  .  .

LIV Lounge is best described by what it is not.  LIV is not a club, an ultra lounge, a sports bar, a bar and grill, a martini bar, a tapas bar or any of the other trendy theme bar concepts that have plagued recent nightlife landscape.  LIV does not have karaoke nights, bikini contests, flaming drinks, poetry slams, Chippendale events, bartenders with "flare" or other desperate attempts at over stimulation.

LIV Lounge simply is.  .  .

Think of the great bars of the world: The Oak Room, P.J. Clarks, Nells, Chateau Marmont.  No gimmicks, no theme nights, no spinning bottles.  These places stand the test of time and have the greatest "hook" of all--excellent service, classic cocktails and an environment that elevates civility.

LIV Lounge is that place.  .  .

There is a void in the local nightlife for a place where people can go to meet, converse, see others, relax and be treated with a level of respect and genuine concern that the hospitality industry was once founded on.  For every person looking for the next thrill, there is another that simply wants to be.

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