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Lucky Bucket Brewing Company

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Lucky Bucket Opens

In 2008, a long destination on our journey was reached; we began brewing our first batches of Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition style Lager. After years of starts, stops and new ideas, we had perfected our first release. As we share our beer with more pubs and distributors, you'll find Lucky Bucket popping up at your local favorite soon. Our journey continues today as we progress on the next Lucky Bucket brew. Check back often to learn what's new and find out where to try our latest brews.

Humble Beginnings

A dream, and a couple too many beers set the groundwork for Lucky Bucket Brewing Company. We pondered the unique flavor that comes from barrel-aged beers and experimented to perfect the process. Our passion grew with each barrel. Sometimes we'd nail it and sometimes it was laughable. But along the way, we brewed a lager we just couldn't stop drinking. With a grin on our face and a mug in hand, we knew this was to be our first release: Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager, our hand-crafted, session beer. The first pint was poured in January 2009 at a small pub in Omaha, Nebraska with a great response.

And That Name?

In the days before kegs and bottles were available, the only way to get beer was to take a bucket to the local brewery, fill it up and lug it back home. We admire the work it took to enjoy a great beer. Our name pays homage to our humble beginnings, the original Lucky Bucket.

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