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  The Mission Statement To create and cultivate a vibrant network of artists who are committed to impacting the culture and serving the community The Mission The 402 Arts Collecitve is on a mission to make a positive impact on the community that makes up the culture we are a part of. We strive to accomplish this by three high-level strategies: 1. Utilize our 501(c)3, non-profit organization to provide practical and tangible resources to the general public to help support and foster the growth of a rich arts culture in our region. This is done by charitable donations, tuition revenue, and grants for our programs we provide. It is our hope that through the programs and activities of the 402 Arts Collective we would be able to offer multiple ways for the public to support, participate, and engage. 2. Help people utilize their gifts and abilities to bring beauty and life to our culture. The 402 Arts Collective is about enriching the community while creating together. We believe that when you prioritize and provide venues for the arts in a city, you begin to see positive change across the economic climate around you. Our goal is to support the artist, the poet, the musician, the one who is bold enough to explore and create something of beauty. We see the collective truly becoming a community made up of artists who are all working together to help build a life-giving culture. The collective is a place where you can find resources as an artist to explore the possibilities of using you abilities, your art form to make a difference in our community. “It isn’t about making the journey easy, it is about having others around you to support you when you face opposition and hardship while pursuing those roads you were created to walk” Ben Shafer, Executive Director 3. Mentoring students through art education is one of the keys to carrying out our mission. We believe in the power of the voice of wisdom and experience speaking into the lives of younger artists who need practical, hands-on lessons and classes to learn how to use their art form. The 402 Arts Collective is passionate about bringing what ever organizational resources we can to be able to support any artist who has the desire to pass along their abilities and talents onto the next generation. We strive to provide programs and resources to a wide age range of students young an old and of every walk of life.  

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