//Fitness #000009 (feat. Todd Fink, Kethro, Teetah & Fathr^)

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House of Loom & //FITNESS present: #000009

// Featuring DJ sets from /////////////

Todd Fink




Free // 21+

/////// about Fitness ///////////////////////

Fitness is a free-form electronic music showcase that started in the garage of the Sweat Shop. From DJs exploring esoteric forms of dance music, to sound performance using electronic instruments with no constraints, Fitness has served as a creative outlet for Nebraska artists.

For the first time, Fitness takes its creative workshop downtown and packages it up for a weekend slot at House of Loom. At this very special showcase, we have DJ sets from The Faint's lead singer Todd Fink, OEAA nominee for Best Experimental/EDM artist Kethro, and Fitness founders Teetah & Fathr^.

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