Kevin Burke / Weathered / Steel N Candy / TBA

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Kevin Burke / Weathered / Steel 'N' Candy + TBA at Lookout Lounge

8 PM - All Ages** - $7

(**any patrons under 18 must provide a notarized parental permission slip per Omaha city ordinance)


++ Kevin Burke ++

Kevin Burke is a 20-year-old independent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Long Island, New York. His songs vary from pop rock anthems with strong hooks and catchy melodies to powerful piano ballads. While often compared to pop icons of yesteryear such as Paul McCartney and Billy Joel, Kevin's music offers a contemporary twist similar to artists like Jack's Mannequin, Keane and John Mayer. With his explosive live band, Kevin Burke puts on a dynamic show worth watching.

++ Weathered ++

Rock n' Roll Band from Minnesota.

++ Steel N Candy ++

We're a patchwork punk band out of Dirty Dodge located square in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. You've never heard of us, and you probably hate us, but just in case...

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