Shut Up Matt Jewett, J.Crum & ALTR, Dummy Head Torpedo

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No Cover!!


Down Under specials for Saturday are:

$3 Rumpleminze! (Oh god why?)

$3.00 PBR Tallboys

$2.00 Rolling Rock Draws (gross!)

$6.00 PB&J (12oz PBR and shot of Jameson)

Shut Up Matt Jewett! (Oklahoma City)

A great acoustic duo (guitar and drums) with a very high energy performance. Great lyrics and beats.

J.Crum & ALTR

This time out playing an acoustic set, so even if you've seen them before you've got a reason to come see them again. For those who don't know, they are very much worth checking out. Hip hop from Omaha we don't need to be embarassed about!

I've seen them live, they play with a full band, no DJ pretending on a laptop involved.

Dummyhead Torpedo (omaha)

A great local singer/songwriter duo...or trio. Acoustic guitar and acoustic bass with lots of lyrics.

Down Under Lounge and Side Door Stage


With new ownership and a new look The Down Under is a great nieghborhood bar in Midtown. Great prices, a good selction and fosebal...