The Hanyaks/BrothersTandem/Stories Of The Sun

Jacob Christoffersen 19 views

Once in a blood moon, an event comes along that you truly owe it to yourself to attend. An event of EPIC proportions... one filled with bewilderment and fascination... This kind of event is not to be missed.

On Saturday October 17th, The Barley Street Tavern in Omaha, Nebraska will be hosting one such event. Lucky you...

THE HANYAKS, Lincoln's best dressed post-modern pop/rock superheroes, are slated to team up with the death-defying groove-supplying BROTHERS TANDEM, and Omaha's own "beat-don't-stop-dance-till-you-drop-funkiest-fresh" in reggae/rock, STORIES OF THE SUN to bring you the most beguiling night of live music in recent history.

Come one, come all: It will be the greatest show on Earth without lions, tigers, and bears!!

All of this can be yours for the low low price of only $5 at the door! Enchantment awaits...

Barley Street Tavern


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