1st Annual Cigar and Beer Pairing

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As part of Omaha's Beer Week join Mick Carlson (Havana Garage) and Matt Zimmerle ( SG ROI Tobacconist), and John Ferrigan (General Cigars) for a one of a kind cigar and Brickway beer pairing event. Event cost is $30 per person and includes one cigar and 5 different beer from Brickway. Please message Havana Garage or call us at 402-614-3800 to reserve a spot. Seats are already filling up!!!

Here are the Cigars that will be available. We will have 3 to select from (mild up to full bodied).

Torano "the Brick" BFC Toro

Torano Vault Green P45 Gordo

Torano Casa Torano Natural Toro

We are currently selecting the Brickway beers that we will have paired with these so check back soon!

Havana Garage

(402) 614-3800

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