2015 Wort Transformation Challenge sign up day


Again this year during American Craft Beer week we're celebrating the birthplace of America Craft beer - Homebrewing!

As many of you already know our roots are in homebrewing, and this is already year #4 for our little homebrew competition.

2015 Wort style: TBD

Judging Categories: Traditional, Fruit, Herb and Spice, Hoppy and Experimental

Entry Fee: $15

Entry Limit: 2 per person

~ 180 entries are available!

What is the Wort Transformation Challenge?

Our brewers brew up a special batch of wort, then each homebrewer brings in a container and takes 5 gallons of wort home. It is then the homebrewers job to add yeast and copious amounts of creativity to create a real brewers whim! .

This year's registration opens on Saturday January 31st, 2015

Sign-Up Day Time Line

-- 11am, you'll ONLY be able to register in person* at the brewpub, but only until Noon.

*No phone entries will be taken, and you must be present to purchase your entries at the brewpub, we will not allow others to purchase your entry for you.

-- 12:30, you'll ONLY be able to register on-line**.

**On-line service fees will apply.

Remember, we've only got 180 entries, and if past years are any indication, this will fill up fast.

Once you've registered, you'll be assigned a 'Wort Pick-up Appointment' on Saturday March 7th, then at your scheduled time you'll need to bring your carboy or brewing bucket into the brewery (6950 S 108th Street, La Vista) to pick up your wort.

Then it's up to you do your magic, bottle it and bring (or mail) a 6 pack of it back to us between May 1st and 5th, 2015

(Judging on May 9th and the Awards ceremony on May 14th)

Our best in show winner will brew their beer for our Ale Nation!

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