2016 Halloween Celebration

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Fall is here and along with it bonfires, football, Halloween, and endless fun! Join Compass Brand Headwear for our Official 2016 Halloween Celebration. The Halloween Event you'll be telling stories about for the next 10 years. Like when Phil came dressed as a Yeti, and we shaved his head, proceeded to win the costume contest, and met his future wife, all in one night. (we think the Compass Brand Headwear he wore had something to do with meeting his future wife)

The celebration kicks off at 5PM while we watch another Nebraska Cornhuskers football Win, and immediately following the game the official Halloween party begins!

Anyone who comes dressed for Halloween will be entered to win Best Costume & the prize that goes with it, along with recieving a discount on all Compass Brand product throughout the night.

DJ RealDeal will be keeping the fun going on the turntables, drink specials all night long, and feast your eyes on all the Compass Brand merchandise available for purchase until the end.

Make your Halloween an event to remember with Sinnott's Sand Bar + Compass Brand Headwear, Saturday, October 29th from 5PM - 2AM.

Sinnott's Sand Bar


We are a family owned sand volleyball bar in the heart of Papillion, Nebraska. Sinnott’s Sand Bar is the perfect place if you...