2Bs&aG ✦ Purple ✦ Drew Dietle ✦ Sutter Zachman

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21+ $5

2Bs&aG: the result of a hip-hop, electronic and funk orgy.

Purple: Prince tribute

Drew Dietle: Moving soon out of state.

Sutter Zachman: Ireland dug it. BBC dug it. Sutter Zachman's music pours from a euphonic vat, a consistency markedly abstruse yet surprisingly familiar. His idiosyncratic style emerges from a past of windfall and crisis, having lost several years to a nerve injury after landing a publishing deal in his early twenties. Now 27, Sutter has successfully recovered his passion for music and appears hard at work. In 2014, his first single, "Back to Sleep", achieved a welcoming radio debut in Ireland and garnered some scrutiny over a music video that was apparently filmed in reverse. Additionally, it drew on supporters such as Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath who compared Sutter's voice to The Verve's Richard Ashcroft. His upcoming, self produced mini-album, Fireworks!, is evidence that Sutter is continuing to improvise with his sundry talents. For the sake of comparison, his music has been described as a "tripped out" Tom Petty.

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