3D in Your Face!

Sarah Cooper 597 views

To know 3D In Your Face is to know the decade of decadence; the time when neon ruled, spandex reigned and hair triumphed. It was a magnificent age-loud and proud-when the idea of your entire music collection fitting into your pocket was unfathomable and you'd never think of confining the music to your head with a flimsy set of earbuds.

You can't go back to rocking out to your favorite records, blowing out your stereo speakers and driving the neighbors crazy. But you can feel the awesome, awesome noise again with 3D In Your Face! Four guys in astoundingly loud coats, outrageous eyeshadow, ripped t-shirts and formidable hair are blasting the music way out of your parents' basement and rocking the stage with a spectacle of showmanship better than any MTV video back in its heyday.