4/20 at The B

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great night of music and friends.


Omaha, Nebraska's Fontenelle combine elements of post-rock, metal, and electronic music into beautiful and hypnotic instrumental compositions.


Wakanda One is an Afro Soul musical collective from Omaha Nebraska. If you love music you can feel, you'll love Wakanda One.

Mr. E & the Stringless Kite

Mr. E & the Stringless Kite is a progressive folk rock quintet from Omaha. Blending influences from the 60s/70s greats in psychedelic, folk, country, and prog rock with modern lyrics and creative touches makes Mr. E a truly unique band. You can expect intricate vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements, along with tastefully placed improv jams!!

The B. Bar


Come enjoy the ambiance of a warmly lit room casting its soft glow off the stained birch wood. Packed with shuffleboard, darts, pinball,...