9th Annual Vampire Masquerade

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One of our top annual parties behing held for the last time at House of Loom!

With House of Loom closing at the end of the year, we've been looking back at our best moments and undoubtedly, the Vampire Masquerade party is going down as one of our most anticipated & appreciated events. We're definitely gonna see some new and old patrons come together for this (as well as a dozen folks fly in for the occasion), and we couldn't be happier to again have our Enso fam come back to see us off.

Table reservations highly recommended!



► Headlined by Enso of San Fran

► The famous 1/Fourth framed photos

► Blood themed cocktails

► Masks are encouraged; classy attire is required

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► $15 entry

► Table Reservations, contact sarah@houseofloom.com

► 21+

► $3 Wells 8-10pm

▬▬▬▬ Enso Bio ▬▬▬▬

Known for their intricately crafted sets and impassioned live performance, Enso clearly love what they do. Their energy never fails to infect the audience and keeps them raging until long after the clubs close down. Drawing inspiration from within and without dance music, Enso is the musical project producer/DJs, Derrick Calloway and Seth Warrick.

Enso broke into the scene in 2010 with their award winning remix of Sleigh Bells' hit single "Run the Heart". Since then they have produced a series of successful original tracks and remixes. They released their debut EP "Infinity" out Oct. 29, 2011 on Hollister Records and are planning a series of brand new original releases very soon.



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