AJR at Sokol Auditorium

Gerald Glaza 1,689 views

Doors at 6:15pm

$20 Advance/$25 Day of show

All ages show.


There is no band, no song, no video, no sound, that is more "now" than AJR.

The band - three brothers born and raised in New York City - has achieved a startling quick level of success with "I'm Ready," a buoyant electro-pop single that's taking off. The numbers: over 1 million YouTube views for "I'm Ready," thousands of singles sold each week, features in Billboard and the New York Post, and heavy airplay on pop radio's coveted SiriusXM "Hits 1." And their tour dates last fall included shows with The Wanted, Demi Lovato, and Hoodie Allen.

More amazing? They've done this all on their own.

More info and music at http://theslowdown.com/

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HISTORY Slowdown began as an idea to start a rock club in the fall of 2000. And a fairly simple idea at that. After living in...