All Dogs // Sean Pratt & the Sweats // Crypt Kid

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All Dogs

Sean Pratt & the Sweats

Crypt Kid

Friday, April 8th

Milk Run, 1907 Leavenworth

9 p.m., $8


All Dogs

Punks making pop music in Columbus, OH

All Dogs is a loud rock band that plays pop songs. With roots firmly planted in the DIY punk scene, All Dogs present their sincere and bittersweet songs in a unique, demanding and dynamic fashion. Since 2012, the Columbus Ohio based quartet has been touring the United States, and have released a 7" and a split cassette tape. In 2015, they released their debut full length Kicking Every Day on Salinas Records.

Sean Pratt & the Sweats

Your main main man Sean plays with your heart like a marionette while the Sweats bring it all back to breath and beat. True country heroes. true whiskey sweat.

Crypt Kid

sad girl anti-folk, angsty pop-punk

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Milk Run


A spot that we could run with consistent standard, a space that put music in the forefront of its mission and one that would be an...