Andy Black

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The kid who grew up to fashion the swaggering superhero, pop-iconoclast, underdog-champion alter ego "Andy Black," in the tradition of David Bowie or the Sex Pistols, began with a reverence for the magical convergence of sight and sound. Attitude, language, music, and fashion coalesced into a daily challenge to convention.

The Ghost of Ohio, the second album released under the Andy Black moniker, is both a soundtrack to its comic book graphic novel counterpart and a thrilling standalone record of diverse anthems and ballads, in pursuit of a muse that transcends genre.

As a child, Andy Biersack built miniature KISS stages in his bedroom, tore through Spawn and Lobo comics, devoured reruns of the '60s Batman TV series, blasted the devilishly hooky horror punk of the Misfits, and dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. The appeal of sports like hockey and football were as much about the aesthetic iconography as the athleticism. Biersack's fascination with the supernatural, wrestling with doubt, was consistently intertwined with symbolism.

The new Andy Black record marries melancholy themes with upbeat rock and pop, mining the underreported haunted history of his hometown to tell a story in allegory and grandeur that explores his childhood anxieties and obsessions. "I've always liked the idea of building worlds, making a character for myself, in very heightened and stylized dimensions I could live in," Biersack explains. "It's about expressing myself creatively, while making something that didn't exist before."

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