Argentine Tango: Dancing and Social with Viviana and Gustavo

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Argentine tango is a form of dance from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the neighboring country of Uruguay. It has been showcased in movies such as "Scent of a Woman" and performed by celebrities in "Dancing with the Stars", albeit in the American variation. Perhaps more importantly, the Argentine tango is a social dance with moves that are much simpler, more subtle and intimate than what is generally advertised.

During the late 90's, Viviana and Gustavo, both born and raised in Argentina, joined a tango instructor from Buenos Aires, who started teaching informally at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and then they continued to seek tango instruction throughout the world. Through the dance, the two remain supportive of fundraising and multicultural activities in the Lincoln and Omaha areas, and organize tango social dancing events in both cities. Viviana is a Spanish major who, for nearly one decade, donated time and resources through her business activities to promote tango. Gustavo is a chemical engineering professor at UNL, who found an entirely different way to connect and share a piece of his culture with fellow Lincolnites. Their goal is to show dancers and spectators that Argentine tango is a dance that intimately connects two people through musicality and movement and ultimately, that "takes two to tango".

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