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Omaha artist Courtney Kenny Porto is both an illustrator and a painter. She works in a variety of styles and media including yarn, charcoal, and acrylic. She focuses largely on feminism and human form in her work as well as domesticated animals.

In this exhibit, Porto challenges the viewer to rethink the square, both in its meaning and its compositional qualities. We are so inundated with rectangles, from our television and computer screens to standard printer paper; the goal of this exhibit is to highlight the square.

Porto is fascinated with the square proportion and how it has found its way, time and again, into many of her pieces. Whether it's the human form or an animal, these pieces are all enhanced by their square compositions.

Be there or be square!

Opening Friday, May 13th during Friday 2 on Vinton

Exhibition runs May 13th-28th

Gallery Hours: Wed.-Sun. 11am -7pm

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