Austin Young Band w/ Voodoo Vinyl

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Austin Lee Young, a Colorado native, picked up his first guitar at age 12 and hasn't put it Austin Youngdown since. Self taught, he churns out the blues and displays his music with electrifying passion that defies his young age. He engages his audience and can match any seasoned performer that currently draws large crowds. His inspirations run the gauntlet of the Blues from historical giants such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters to contemporary masters like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Currently Austin and his band perform locally and nationally in established music clubs, numerous music festivals, private functions, and special events. He incorporates the sheer honesty of the blues and performs it with a modern, high energy sound that remains faithful to its traditional roots.

Voodoo Vinyl is a 7-piece band with the Blues Society of Omaha BluesEd program that features accomplished musicians led by two powerful singers. They play a high energy, eclectic mix of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Americana, and Rock creating a unique tapestry of music delivered with passion and precision you'd expect from veteran musicians. They've played numerous popular venues and several large popular music festivals in the Omaha area. Featuring Elyse Davis (18) and Carmel Hemphill (14) on vocals, Billy S. (15) on drums, Thomas Palensky (18) on bass, Graham Brooks (18) on guitar and Sax, Gabi Basile (17) on trombone, and Cole Palensky (15) on guitar.