Bar 415 Presents 2nd Shift with Jason Kidd and Dino Velvet: In Loving Memory of Shawn Scott Hockenberry

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It's been over a year since the last 2nd Shift and almost 3 years since Jason Kidd and Dino Velvet last played together at Bar 415. We are happy to announce that on Friday, September 16th 2nd Shift will return with a full night of proper house music jams provided by Jason Kidd and Dino Velvet.

FYI: For those of you feeling up to a little road trip Jason Kidd and Dino Velvet will be playing the following evening Saturday, September 17th at SWELL located at the Riot Room in Kansas City.


JASON KIDD (Swell) - Kansas City

DINO VELVET (2nd Shift, Common Ground) - San Francisco

Bar 415

415 South 13th Street

Omaha, NE 98102

Saturday August 3rd, 2013

8pm - 2am

About 2nd Shift:

Bar 415, Omaha's top dance music venue proudly presents 2nd Shift! 2nd Shift's goal is to focus on the deeper side of House Music with San Francisco's Dino Velvet at the helm. A 415 veteran, Dino has played the venue many times throughout the past decade and continues to make the trek to Omaha to play at one of his favorite venues, Bar 415. Dino will have regular special guest djs playing alongside him as well. Omaha is a diverse city when it comes to dance music and our goal is to provide a positive environment where dance music enthusiasts can let loose and have fun while dancing to quality Deep House. Dedicated in loving memory of Shawn Hockenberry, 2nd Shift promises to bring a quality vibe coupled with top notch music and we encourage anyone seeking to meet new friends, reconnect with old, or looking to have a great time dancing the night away to join us for 2nd Shift. We look forward to seeing you there!

More info about JASON KIDD:

After experiencing his first party in Dallas in 1993, Jason Kidd started buying and playing records with friends. Within the next year and a half, Kidd found his base in House music, particularly after seeing Derrick Carter and Robert Taylor at a Dallas club called SOA. In 1996 Jason Kidd made the transition from Dallas to Kansas City. With his focus on school, he nearly abandoned the decks all together until a chance meeting with DJ True and Pat Nice lead to the formation of The House Coalition (THC). Kansas City was merging as a House town at this time, being heavily influenced by the sounds coming down From Chicago. Once Kidd hooked up with True and Pat he never looked back from great House music.

This year marks 24-years as a DJ for Jason Kidd and it promises to be his best year yet. He recently celebrated the four-year anniversary of his solo residency, Swell. Swell has successfully featured regional House talent from the likes of Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, DIZ, Andrew Emil, Trevor Lamont, and Rees Urban to name a few. Jason Kidd's Swell promises some amazing surprises in Kansas City for House heads looking for that next fix.

More info about DINO VELVET:

Enter Dino Velvet. A product of the Midwest rave scene in the 90s, Dino educated himself in House music with the sounds of Chicago. Attending and playing parties throughout Middle America, Dino continued to improve his skills behind the decks over the next few years. In 2005, he packed his bags and headed west towards the House Music mecca that is San Francisco. His westward move proved to be a catalyst in his music career, as Dino quickly began promoting parties and establishing himself in San Francisco's House scene. The year 2009 marked a huge turning point for Dino with gigs at SF's oldest & most infamous dance club, The Endup. It was at The Endup, where Dino began to turn the heads of locals and headliners alike with his deep house sounds. Dino Velvet soon became an established and revered resident of one of the most popular monthly parties at the Endup, Sunday Mass.

2011 marked the end of Sunday Mass but new opportunities were right around the corner. The following year Dino teamed up with cohorts Leonard, Greg Yuen, and Joey Alaniz to bring San Francisco their own flavor of House music with a new party titled Common Ground. A monthly event held at SF's best new club Monarch, Common Ground quickly established itself as a key player amongst San Francisco's veteran House Music partygoers. Names like Jimpster, John Tejada, Ian Pooley, Fred Everything, Shur-I-Kan, JT Donaldson and Lance Desardi are just a few who have found their way to Common Ground's dance floor and the party shows no signs of slowing down.

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