Bar Stool Record Swap Sept 5

Jacob Christoffersen 40 views

Several of Omaha's record stores and record collectors will be taking overbrothers lounge to offer you a chance to pair vices -- boozing and record buying! We'll be bringing in primo stuff to sell and swap and encourage you to do the same! PLEASE don't bring in large collections!

Vendors include:
Almost Music
D-Tour Records, LLC
Hipstop record shop
Homer's Music & Gifts

and several of our favorite record show sellers too!

Bring in your good stuff to sell or trade! 

Come to our favorite Farnam St. drinking station and shop for records from the comfort of your bar stool. 

Saturday, Sept 5th
4-7 p.m.
21+ only (Trey ain't no babysitter)

Brothers Lounge

(402) 558-4096

Brothers Lounge has long been known as one of the BEST neighborhood bars in town. Their all punk / underground jukebox captures music...