Bathtub Maria w/ Aly Peeler

Trevor Scott 1,108 views

Bathtub Maria is comprised of well seasoned Omaha vets who all love to rock. We have a very colorful history; we have all been out and about for a long time. We create all original music that is melodic and catchy and ranges from rock to soul to blues. Come along for the ride!

Bands we have played in or are in now:

Shell: Phoenix Rising

Tim: Kill Bosby, The Brit House Band, OK Hemingway, Edge of Arbor, Damon the Torpedoes (Petty tribute), Disappearing, Inc., Them Or Us, Mint Wad Willy, Hot Dirt Water

Gary: Moment of Release, Stanky Pockets. Ran Eclipse Studios and ran sound at The Capitol, Ranch Bowl and The

Music Hall

Bill: Chicago area bands Society, Hot Ice, and Jazz Rush, Naive Filter, Jazz Circus, Shelter

Cami: Lavender Couch, Foil, Pedal Fast, Sugarburn, Goodbye Sunday, Surfer Rosa, Lesbian Bus Crash

The Well

402) 671-0454 Ext 700

Just a small music venue in Omaha's biggest basement that serves brew and brownies. Try a specialty drink while you listen to your...