Bazile Mills & Kris Lager Band

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Bazile Mills & Kris Lager Band

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Indie/Country Blues band, Bazile Mills, is a tribute to a time almost forgotten and the ghost town. Bazille Mills was founded in 1882 after the first woolen mill in Nebraska was erected just north of town. The group is based around songwriter David Mainelli and features some of the finest players in Omaha.

2014 Omaha Entertainment Award nominee for Best Nominee Artist, BZM is working on a new LP that they hope to release in spring of 2015 with an EP out first after New Years.


Kris Lager Band, the Thrift Store Junkies from the heartland, play soul music and Boogie Trance. With their hot new album 'Swagadocious' these self-proclaimed 'Rock Revivalists' are quickly spreading their celebrate life mantra to the masses, and blazing a trail that many more are sure to tread and follow.

"Swagadocious has something for everyone who appreciates music with a little more energy and a little rougher edge than the slick radio-friendly fluff we get from Nashville nowadays."- Times Record News (Wichita Falls, TX)

The Kris Lager Band has spent the better part of ten years on tour honing their sound, style, and message, including backing Mato Nanji, as Indigenous from 2007 to 2009. During that period they were featured on the Vanguard Records release Broken Lands produced by Jamie Candiloro (REM, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams).

Their new album features living legend Magic Slim on an impromtpu off the cuff track, as well as a polished horn section on five of the cuts. 'Swagadocious' marks KLB's fifth studio album with another to be released this winter/spring entitled 'Platte River Runaway' produced by Grammy nominated and international superstar Tab Benoit.

"Swagadocious bears up to repeated listening long after the smell of stale smoke and spilt beer has gone. This record captures a band moving into a creative period where the output is art in the classic sense of great albums. The time has come - this band is ready for the national stage."- Rick Galusha (Pacific Street Blues)

KLB is spearheaded by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kris Lager, who rips out face melting solos and hypnotic riffs. Jeremiah Weir on keyboards and percussions is the perfect melodic counterpart and always brings the high holiness to the stage. The backbeat of the band is brought to you by freestyle extraordinaire John Fairchild, who has logged seven years with the group and is a tour de force on the kit. Brandon Miller rounds out the ensemble on bass with a solid low end that holds it all together and a high kick Chuck Norris would be proud of.

"Like any blues/soul band worth their salt, the Kris Lager Band has mastered their instruments"-Cory Kibler (

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