BeerMuda Triangle Tap Room Ride

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We loved the 'viral' Tap Room ride in June created by our buddy Brian Miller, so the stops all got together and we're going to keep it going!

With the addition of Infusion Brewing to our little area of the metro, we've coined the phrase 'The BeerMuda Triangle' and will run the BeerMuda Triangle Tap Room Ride on the 3rd week of each month.


8/20/16 - Ride Starts at Infusion

9/24/16 - Ride Starts at Lucky Bucket

10/22/16 - Ride Starts at Liquid Sunshine Tap Room

Saturday August 20th @ 10am - Meet at Infusion Brewing Company Southwest then bike to the following taprooms:

- Liquid Sunshine Taproom

- Lucky Bucket Brewing Company

- Nebraska Brewing Company Brewery & Tap Room

- Then back to Infusion!

The ride will be about 8 miles total for the loop. Sag provided by The Bike Way on each ride!

We'll also be doing a Poker Run for charity.

For $5 you can buy in to win great prizes from your hosts!

Each location will donate their Poker Run Funds to a charity of their choice!

Infusion Brewing - Nebraska SIDS Foundation

Some of the ride will be on roads, but we will be a LARGE group traveling at a comfortable pace, and watching out for everyone. The route will take trails or side roads wherever possible!

Feel free to invite friends, or ask questions.

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