Benefit for Tyler Anson

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We are putting together a benefit show for our friend Tyler Anson and his family! Tyler has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). He actually went into the hospital for a month last September and coded (was not breathing, did not have a pulse) for 6 minutes due to an unknown illness. Luckily, Tyler was brought back to life and is still recovering. As you can imagine, Tyler and his family has an insane amount of debt remaining over their heads. They definitely could use our help. We will be taking donations all night in various forms, including straight cash donations, raffle ticket sales, and sales from entry to the show. Please come out and invite all of your family and friends to attend, we can really help this amazing family out!!


Preston Holmes (11-midnight)

The Run and Go (10-10:45)

Mellow Veteran (9-9:45)

Superman's Hero (8-8:45)

Slow Stoics (7-7:45)

Entry: $5, $7 suggested donation

Lookout Lounge

(402) 391-2554

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