Benefit Show for Jmal with Houma / Dryad / Bed Rest

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$5 | All proceeds go to Jordan Jmal Maly


Dryad - iowa city


Bed Rest

In mid-November, our pal Jordan Jmal Maly was going through some tooth pain that turned into a life-threatening, rare condition called "Ludwig's Angina" which caused his throat to swell rapidly. The dude drove himself to the ER just in time, not knowing he would be at UNMC for a week. Four days in the ICU + two tubes through his nose, followed by three more days in general care (all without having health insurance).

On top of his new health issues and expenses for medications, he currently owes a ridiculous high and ever-growing amount of money to UNMC.

brothers lounge has graciously offered to host a benefit show with 100% proceeds going to Jmal for his medical bills. Come give the dude some love and watch some banger bands!

Link to GoFundMe:

Brothers Lounge

(402) 558-4096

Brothers Lounge has long been known as one of the BEST neighborhood bars in town. Their all punk / underground jukebox captures music...