Best in the Midwest Sunday

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The Tattoo Industry Has Reached An All Time High In Popularity And The Omaha Area Is Here To Show You Some Of The Premiere Artists Available.


Shane ONeill’s Infamous Productions Presents the “Best of the Midwest” tattoo convention at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa February 8th, 9th, and 10th. Among the vendors will be some of the most prolific tattooers in the world.


With the popularity of tattoos at an all time high there have been numerous attempts to profit on the industry’s success; but most have failed. From television shows to tattoo themed apparel, and from tattoo after care products to tattoo removal creams, most have been trends, unable to reach any long-term sustainability. When asked what made his event different Shane ONeill said, “Others have failed because it’s obvious they put personality and popularity at the forefront of their business models. We will succeed because our event is based on talent and tradition.” This confidence and simple philosophy has resonated within the network of hard working tattoo artists that are the gatekeepers of the tattoo industry.


Among the supporters are some of the most elite tattooers in the world. The Artists that will be tattooing at the convention have come from as far away as France and Sweden. “Only 10% of the attending artists work in the Omaha area, another 15% are from the region and the rest are national and international; its a great opportunity for the entire MidWest to collect work (tattoos) from Artists that are typically inaccessible to them with out traveling a long distance.” said ONeill.


The Mid America Center in Council Bluff Iowa is hosting the event on February 8th, 9th, and 10th. They have hosted similar events in the past. In July of 2008 the “LiveFast Tattoo Expo”, based out of Austin Texas held a tattoo and hot rod show at the same venue. The MAC is popular location for such an event because Nebraska’s laws restrict the assembly of tattoo trade shows with their boarders. Iowa is very supportive and their Health and Human Services Department is very cooperative with the licensing process. J.P. “Smitty” Smith says, “Its a pleasure to do business with the professionals at Iowa HHS and the MAC. They recognize the economic impact a show this size has on the community and have always treated us with the utmost respect."


SUNDAY Feb. 8th, 2015

4PM Tattoo Contests Start

• Best Large Color

• Best Small Color

• Best Large Black and Grey

• Best Small Black and Grey

7PM Tattoo of the Day Contest / Best in Show

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