Big Fert and Mrs. Fert's Big Birthday Bash/Wedding Celebration

Gerald Glaza 808 views

It's time to celebrate Kyle and Elise's birthdays again, but this year, they're also getting married the week before... and since they can't have all the people that they want at the wedding, they're inviting everyone to come celebrate with them on September 15th, along with their birthyday celebration. FREE SHOW. $2 PBR Tall Boys. $4 Jameson shots. And great music!

This year we have a special treat.... Secret Weezer - Omaha's premier Weezer cover band will be headlining and playing all your favorite Weezer songs (unless "Hash Pipe" is your favorite Weezer song)...

Joining them will be Downhearted, Number One Hit Kids and more TBA!!!

Come party. Come drink. Come celebrate. Come destroy my sweater. Good times 100% guaranteed.


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