Big Smo


Big Smo's story begins on the farm he grew up on-the farm that is still home. "I can still remember the smell of the fresh cut hay and how blue the sky was," he says. "I had hard-working grandparents and even harder-working parents that had great family values. I was always into music and was always writing on the side."

?As with so many of his generation, he heard music from both sides of the fence, rural and urban, country ("with an outlaw vibe") and hip-hop, and both stirred his soul, as did the Southern and classic rock he heard as a teenager.?

Word of mouth, charged by the Internet, meant Smo could count his YouTube views in the millions before he talked to a record label. Low-budget videos showcasing his 32-acre farm, which has been passed down for generations, is his home base HQ. Homegrown in Tennessee, the self-proclaimed Boss of the Stix seamlessly weaves his work and play, his lifestyle and music on that farm, as compellingly as he weaves country, rock and hip-hop together.

?The A&E Network show, an original series produced by Brownstone Entertainment, is an inside look at Big Smo's life and career, and the friends, fans and family who share and support his journey.

?Called "Hick Ross," by his Kinfoke, Smo has racked up over 16 million views on YouTube and sold over 150,000 digital tracks. The breakthrough was "Kickin' It In Tennessee," a song and video celebration that went viral, helping draw new fans to live shows whose over-the-top energy makes believers, and brought Smo to the attention of Warner Music Nashville senior executives.

?His is the story of a country boy catching fire in a digital age, where musical cross-pollination is everywhere. Big Smo's rise has been fueled by high energy and relatable lyrics, a band with the ability to rock a crowd and the studio savvy to capture that lightning in a bottle. Big Smo owns that place where country, Southern rock and hip hop come together, where the beat rocks the story and the story rocks the beat. An early review put it this way: "If Kid Rock and Run D.M.C. had a love child, he would be named Big Smo."

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