Blue House

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Their styles honed by their experiences as founding members of various bay area bands, Marlies and Amy combine a rocker's attitude with a folkier acoustic/electric approach to give them a unique sound. A vital part of that sound is their close-knit harmonies.

Amy Beasley is a talented singer/bass guitarist and songwriter who was born in Corning, New York and threw away a promising career as a cartoon couch potato (in her early childhood) to begin her career on piano, then moved to the guitar when she was big enough to hold one.

Marlies de Veer, guitarist and songwriter was born into Dutch citizenship on the island of Borneo and now is a proud citizen of the United States. She started playing guitar at the age of 11 and performing with Beasley when they were in high school together.

Brian joined Blue House a few years ago. Originally from Tennessee, he brings his smooth vocals, distinguished guitar work and sense of humor to Blue House shows.