Blue Moon Ghetto

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Blue Moon Ghetto formed in Omaha in 1994, building a strong following throughout the Midwest up until their breakup in 1998, selling over 200,000 records, streams and singles to date, and gaining thousands of spins of their hit single "Shine All the Time", which also featured guest vocalist Nikki Boulay.

They began performing again in 2014 and were pleased to find that not only was their music still remembered, but that they had gained new fans over their 15+ year hiatus.

Stylistically, Blue Moon Ghetto continues to evolve and create new material, most recently with the release of 2 new singles in 2018, "American" and "Supernova." Both tracks reflect the bands growth and show that during their hiatus they were still honing their crafts.

The live show remains a high energy crowd pleaser, ranging from heavy electric guitar rock to tender moments on acoustic guitar and piano, from funk filled jams to layered harmonies, changing from set to set, and from song to song.


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