Bonne Finken

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About Bonne Finken:

"A musical force to be reckoned with" - All What's Rock

Vocalist, Composer/Songwriter, and Musical Artist Bonne Finken mixes electronics with original/acoustic instrumentation and a voice that won her the accolade "Best Local Musician - 2014" by Iowa's Capital Cityview Readers and a nomination for "Best Album of the Year" - 2014 by Indie Music Digest.

Her live show is a "stunning" display of original alt-pop music via live instrumentation mixed with electronics and programmed samples.

Bonne is preparing to release her third full length studio album in June 2019.

About The Shineys:

The Shineys is an Omaha based duo bringing together the musical collaboration of Tica Felise & Carrie Ann Buchanan. Small in stature but with big ol voices The Shineys are sultry and spice.

The Shineys have appeared at many venues around Omaha, Lincoln & southwest Iowa. The Shineys appearances of note in 2017 include: Hear Nebraska Grand Island, monthly featured band - Barley Street Tavern, OEAA Summer Showcase, monthly at The Barrel (IA), Junkstock, The Malvern Market (IA), The Gifford Street Market, Porchfest OMA, & Benson Femme Fest.

Barley Street Tavern


Barley Street TavernĀ is here for the performing musician. Live music every weekend featuring original music from local and regional...