Bozak & Morrissey

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In the 1980s band, Bozak and Morrissey, was totally radical, performing in local venues and rockin' the house. The musical-comedy duo formed in 1972 and more or less has been tight ever since.

Lou Bozak and Dan Morrissey have been the mainstay in the band and took it from a two-man show to a popular cover band playing every weekend. Bozak, a 1967 Ralston graduate, met Morrissey when they worked at the Omaha Community Playhouse. After realizing they liked the same type of music it was no wonder the two hit it off and formed a group.

"On breaks at the theater we used to play songs together and before our performances we used to play songs for the cast," Bozak said.

In the early 80s the group picked up two more members and began a very popular band in the area. In fact, Bozak and Morrissey was the first rock band to play at the Ranch Bowl.

After disbanding for a short time in 1986, the band reformed with new members. The familiar faces took the reins and once again took Omaha by storm.

"We don't play like we use to," Bozak said. "When we started we thought we could add another dimension to our show because of the theater. I get out in the crowd and get them going."

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