Brothers Book Club: Love&Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere

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Join us for a spirited discussion of Poe Ballantine's LOVE & TERROR ON THE HOWLING PLAINS OF NOWHERE.

For well over twenty years, Poe Ballantine traveled America, taking odd jobs, living in small rooms, trying to make a living as a writer. At age 46, he finally settled with his Mexican immigrant wife in Chadron, Nebraska, where they had a son who was red-flagged as autistic. Poe published four books about his experiences as a wanderer and his observations of America. But one day in 2006, his neighbor, Steven Haataja, a math professor from the local state college disappeared. Ninety five days later, the professor was found bound to a tree, burned to death in the hills behind the campus where he had taught. No one, law enforcement included, understood the circumstances. Poe had never contemplated writing mystery or true crime, but since he knew all the players, the suspects, the sheriff, the police involved, he and his kindergarten son set out to find out what might have happened.

We meet the third Tuesday of every odd-numbered month--ie, September 18, November 20, etc.--so if you can't make it this month, we hope to see you soon.

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