Bud Bronson & the Good Timers ✦ Briner ✦ Gerald Lee Jr.

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Bud Bronson & The Good Timers: four regular guys who love playing rock & roll, having fun and exemplifying superior friendship on an everyday basis. Most of them grew up in the suburbs listening to bands whose t-shirts were later sold at Hot Topic, except Luke, who grew up in a cabin in the middle of the Rocky Mountains listening to his dad play folk music with his friends. Today, the Good Timers play arena rock in dive bars and don't ask for much except a couple free drink tickets and maybe some people who choose watching them instead of staring at their smartphones. Outside of playing music, the boys enjoy the same things that many other young American males enjoy: baseball, bicycles, hot dogs, road trips, summertime and staying up past their bedtime. Their music may be loud, their coozies weathered, and their riffs super sick, but make no mistake: these are four guys who aren't afraid to tell their parents they love them.

Briner: a Nebraska band that plays music like it's 1995.

Gerald Lee Jr: founded and fronts Omaha's legendary band the Filter Kings, a 4 piece western rebel honky-tinker. Lee resumes the honesty and responsibility of true American grit in country music. The Filter Kings assembled their own brand of original, hard driving, country-rock music that is best described in their riveting live performances and sound song writing.

Gerald performs solo to kick off this show - you won't want to miss it!!

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