Buffalo Ben and the Screamin' Coyote with Pyrate, Bad Aqple, and Bad Dynamic

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Dr Jack's Drinkery presents...

Buffalo Ben and the Screamin' Coyote - The great buffalo walked the plains, exhausted and dying of thirst in the heat of the scorching sun. As he searched for water, he met a coyote who was hunting for his next meal. "I need water," said the buffalo. "I am lost and thirsty." The coyote, acting as the Good Samaritan replied, "I can help. I will take you to a lake. Follow me."

The buffalo followed the coyote. Upon arriving at the lake, he graciously thanked the coyote and began to drink voraciously. But the coyote, lurking closely behind, lunged at the vulnerable and unsuspecting buffalo, clamping his teeth around the buffalo's throat. The buffalo bled and gasped for air, with the coyote laughing underneath him.

Sensing his inevitable death, the buffalo, with the last of strength threw himself on top of the coyote, pinning him to the shallow bottom of the lake. The coyote screamed with his last breath, and both died, with their spirits bound to the lake for eternity.

Shortly after, two transients wandered to the lake and saw the buffalo and the coyote, lifeless, and petrified in the final pose at their last breaths. Intrigued by this display, the transients felt compelled to set up camp along the lake, and when it was dark, composed a crudely written song speculating the events that took place between the buffalo and the coyote. To accompany the song, they made a drum from the hide of the buffalo and beat it with the shin bones of the coyote, releasing the spirits of the buffalo and the coyote from their state of purgatory into the transients' bodies.

To this day their souls live on, possessing these earthly human vessels, and lamenting the fate of their spirits through the power of rock and roll, as buffalo Ben and the screamin' coyote.


PYRATE - Rhythm & Blues / Garage Rock


Bad Aqple - Rock, punk, funk, blues, country - anything that is fun! :)


$5 - 9 PM - 21+

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