Cake Presents: Encounter Annual Magazine Party Celebration

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CAKE! Presents:

Encounter Annual Magazine Party Celebration

Booty Boy Bil$ / Spencelove / Sharkwe3k

Tickets: $5

On sale now:


Doors at 8pm

Booty Boy Bil$

Stephen Bils got inspired by dance music when he was underage, sneaking into dance parties and sweating the night away. Working his way up the ladder, Bils became a resident DJ at the legendary loom parties at Espana in Benson. Since then he's held residencies at many of the top clubs in the Omaha and Lincoln area, including The Max, House Of Loom, Capitol, Sake Bombers, 415, and many more.

From soulful and world-minded flavor in deep house, Latin mania with moombahton, boogie-tastic disco, to pumping things up with electro, trap, and hip hop, his ability to cross effortlessly from genre-to-genre makes him suitable for just about any party pleasure. Bils was also the co-creator of Bella Domenica, a summer time community building event held at Heartland of America Park in downtown Omaha. Bils was also part of the team that created The Booty Clap, a party based around bass music such as Chicago Juke, New Orleans bounce, twerk, and anything inherently inspiring people to free the booty. Don't let Bils' Eclecticism confuse you. His ability to read, share, and elevate the elation in the room is unmatched. Just like his way of inspiring dance through his interpretation of the event through his music and his sui generis style of mixing.


From the depths of the sea of red and the Bassthoven crew, this ferocious femme fetale is quickly taking out the DJ scene right out from underwater! Erin McMorrow, aka Sharkweek is hungry and not taking any chum for dinner. sharkweek's approach to the decks is a frenzied selection of low ridin hip hop, deep dubstep, glitch hop , and mash ups. it's Meatbeats and Sharkstep and it's bitin' ya face off !


From Lincoln Ne has 15 years of rocking main stages and dingy basement parties. provided LIFE IN COLOR LOCAL SUPPORT in 2015, and is a co-creator of some of Omaha and Lincolns best parties including: GUNK, DIGITALOVE, BOOTY CLAP, and SQUAD. Spence has been a top performing artist throughout the Midwest and recently was awarded the 2017 OEAA DJ OF THE YEAR.

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