Cards Against Karaoke Pt. 3: Tre Awkward

Sarah Cooper 215 views

Third times a charm! Cards Against Karaoke is just that. CAH inbetween songs. Here are the rules:

-Everyone will get 7 cards

-Starting at 10, Josh will read a black card. You'll have one or two songs to put your white card in the pile.

*Remember to get a card after you discard!*

-After all the cards are in, Josh and Sarah (and some other special guests) will choose their top three. After the third song they'll read out the three and the winner gets the infamous black card.

-The person with the most black cards at 1am gets their tab comped. *NEW!* You have to be present at 1am! And we'll be keeping a tally of who has what, so there is no combo this time, just to level it out a bit.

Also, throughout the night there will be other things, like if it's a double entry (yeah...go there), then someone could win a drink right off the bat. We'll have some other swag this time as well, including the infamous HOL lost and found sorting.

We had a wild and wonderful crazy time last time, so we're going to do this as much as possible. We'll learn things as we go, and we'll be adding new cards in as we go, so keep up with us!

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