Care bags for Homeless and Homeless Vets

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* This is an open invitation to anyone.

Please join some of my friends, family and myself January 24th, at Stella's to make some care packages for the homeless and the homeless vets. I already have enough to make 100 of them with the current supplies that I have alone, but plan on buying a TON more supplies and also picking up more supplies from anyone that would love to help the cause. If you can't make it to help at Stella's on January 24th, I can pick up your supplies or cash donation and make you some bags that you can pick up at Stella's when you are available.

##JANUARY 13th, I will also give 15% of my sales that day at Stella's to buy more bag goodies. These bags are great to keep in your car to give to someone in need instead of giving them some money. Also gives you a chance to take a minute and possibly have conversation with the person and brighten their day. We will also be donated to local agencies, details coming soon.

Talking to some local shelters, I decided to change the day to end of January since people tend to be in more of a giving spirit durning Novemeber and December. This is the time they need to stock up again.

I will supply some pizza at Stella's (weird I know), but we will be closed that day and I want to focus on the bags. I will also have free soda and beer for purchase. If you wanted to bring food to eat from somewhere I don't mind that either, just please no alcohol.

If you would like to donate please let me know and I could arrange a time to pick it up at your house or you could drop it off at Stella's.

Things you can donate


warm socks


hand and foot warmers

cough drops


snacks are great


large plastic ziplocs

Bags with straps. Such as backpacks and purses.

I will be adding to this list later.

Thanks for reading, and anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. I know the people that will be receiving them will be very grateful also!!

If you have ideas of other things that need to be donated, you can message me or email me at Thanks!!

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