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Cat Club is the second go around for three cats born and raised in Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia, Spain.

After being apart for eleven years since their first band, Los Swinguers (1989-1994), Miguel Angel Escorcia (vocals and guitar) decided to call Archie Boogie (Bass) and Lucky (Drums)to see if they´d beinterested getting together for a new Rock and Roll project. One that would be just for kicks and free of expectations as Miguel Angel put it "it was just a club of friends, a Cat Club!".

What started as a casual project soon led to recording a demo and playing shows around Valencia City crow attendance quickly grew. Initial intrigue was based on fans in creating their new sound that reminiscing.

For their first tour through Spain in 2006 reviews from the press were great and crowds in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, filled venues to capacity. They even played Belgium´s Final Cup. It was clear that next step for them was to get into the studio for a full length album, wich was titled "Que hay de nuevo, viejos?". All copies of this album have since been out of print and remains one of the most sought after Cd´sin the Spanish Rockabilly scene.

In 2009 "Con el debido respeto", their second CD, was released. Stellar collaborations from Carlos Segarra of Los Rebeldes, Rockin´Pauly contributed to the achievement of, again, having another sell-out record. Due to this, fans were overjoyed to get their hands on Cat Club´s 2011 follow up titled "Historias del lado Este".

On it they recorded a great rendition of the "Jet Song" after being inspired by the 50th anniversary of the film West Side Story.

José Manuel Casañ from Seguridad Social, collaborated on their pleading and theme of independence "No llores por mí". This song became a big hit and since then has been included on their set list for every concert.

Their 4th album, "Rockabillyland", was released in early 2013 with the beautiful model Flossie Carmichael, (Texas, USA) gracing the cover. The theme of the album cover drew the comparasion between Side Show performs often exploited by Circus troupes of yesteryear and the Music Industry of today. To promote the album Cat Club crossed the Atlantic Ocean to tour their 3rd America´s Midwest.

Krazy Beat Music Company, from Japan, become the first to invest in Cat Club´s music in the middle of 2013. Up to that point the band had been solely self-funded. With the popularity of "No llores por mí" the record company insisted on publishing an E.P of it with a version both in Spanish and in English ("Don´t Cry for Me"). Later that year plans for a 20 song "Best of" album were in the works to give fans music that had been long out of print.

This exclusive Japanese release "The Best of" features two new original tracks that were recorded in January of 2014.

In this time Cat Club, they´re making plans for their 4th USA Midwest tour and entry to the recording studio for their 6th album that will release at late 2015.

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