Celebrate Democracy - Free Event!

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Pay homage to patriots of the past, who fought and died to forge American democracy.

Honor and defend American liberty, justice, compassion, and diversity. Reject hatred, bigotry, inhumanity, and violence.

Great music and delicious food from Table Grace Café will be provided.

Solid Brass Quartet, 4pm-6pm

Simone Weber Band, 6pm-9pm

Bring your friends and celebrate!

From Eugene: The state of Nebraska is very conservative, which can be frustrating. Currently the worst thing I'm seeing is their attitude about women's rights-I just can't stand still for that. So I'm doing everything I can to support the candidate who is working to help average people like me-the one who knows that health care should never be something only the wealthiest Americans can afford, and people who are out there working hard should get paid a fair wage.

Sokol Auditorium and Underground

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The Sokol Auditorium is located at 2234 South 13th Street in the Little Bohemia neighborhood of south Omaha, Nebraska. It is a local...